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Get Your Home Ready for Summer


That was quite a winter we just made it through – unexpected is one word that comes to mind when trying to describe it. It only confirms one thing about Mother Nature – she’s unpredictable! What we at Mack Services Group took away from this experience is that it pays to always be prepared. That said, is your home ready for whatever the summer might send your way?

The answer can be a resounding YES! with Mack Services Group as your go-to summer comfort provider.

Take the most important part of staying comfortable during the dog days of summer for example – your air conditioning equipment! Our service technicians are trained through the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) Education Center and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about your cooling equipment! And, just in time for the summer, you can take advantage of our Set the Standard Sales Event – a special offer featuring American Standard brand air conditioning equipment. Find out more on page 3!

We can also help you choose between a central air conditioning system and a ductless mini-split system. One of these systems is right for your home, find out which one on page 4.

That isn’t all we can do for your home either. We go beyond air conditioning, helping to keep the ducts inside your home clean and control the humidity that summer brings. Read more about our additional home comfort services on page 2 of this newsletter.

At Mack Services Group we look forward to providing your family with the comforts of home in every season. The best way we know how is to help you prepare for what’s coming our way. We hope you all have a great summer, and we’re excited to put the winter behind us and enjoy some warm weather for a change!

Your Friends at The Mack Services Group