Get Your Home Ready for SummerGet Your Home Ready for Summer

That was quite a winter we just made it through – unexpected is one word that comes to mind when trying to describe it. It only confirms one thing about Mother Nature – she’s unpredictable! What we at Mack Services Group took away from this experience is that it pays to always be prepared. That said, is your home ready for whatever the summer might send your way? READ MORE >

2017-2Did You Know?

At Mack Services, we do a whole lot more than just deliver heating oil. Our professional technicians and reliable services aren’t only exclusive to the winter – your home comfort can get the Mack treatment during any season! Whether you’re looking to stay cool during the summer or upgrade your heating equipment for next year, Mack Services is the way to go … and now you know! READ MORE >

2017-3Central vs. Ductless Air Conditioning

The warm weather is quickly approaching – so you need to have the right air conditioning system installed before our summer schedules fill up! We’re here to make the decision easier by breaking down the benefits of both types of air conditioning equipment – which system suits your home best? READ MORE >