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The Mack Services Group, founded in 1931, is a diversified third generation energy and home comfort company serving Chester County and the Main Line area.

Move-In / Move-Out (MIMO) Partnership Program

We’re here to help you sell more homes by adding value to the home for the buyer and seller.

This program applies to any home ownership turnover. Someone moves out of a home, someone else moves in; simple!

  • Offers a range of convenient services to make your job easier
  • Gives peace-of-mind to buyers and sellers
  • Is available to any buyer or seller within the Mack Services service area
  • Is completely Free of Charge*

*Limited to specific services as defined by the program


MIMO Services

  • Free Equipment Evaluations. We inspect the heating/cooling capacity and efficiency of the home’s HVAC systems.
    • Seller Benefit: Helps eliminate any possible issues that can be used to lower home value.
    • Buyer Benefit: helps to assure systems are in good condition and efficient.
  • Free Equipment Evaluations
    • If the system is in good condition, we’ll provide a Real Estate Certificate with a “clean bill of health.”
    • We can provide the service history for equipment that was maintained by The Mack Services Group.
    • If a repair or replacement is in order, we’ll provide a quote and make recommendations.
  • Heating and Cooling System Upgrade Consultations
    • System upgrades add significant value to the home.
    • Make the home more marketable because the higher efficiencies reduce monthly heating/cooling expenses.
    • Especially attractive to environmentally conscious homebuyers.
    • Can pay for themselves in increased asking price (for the seller) and improved energy efficiency (for the buyer)
  • Service Agreement Transfers
    • Client’s Mack Services service agreement can be transferred to a new homeowner at no cost.
    • Service agreements include 10-point precision tune-up, 15% discount on repairs and diagnostics, priority service and more
    • Provide a new homeowner with worry-free comfort and much-needed peace of mind.


Mack Services Group services include:

  • Oilheat Delivery
  • Natural Gas Distribution Service
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Services
  • Sales, Installations, Maintenance and Repairs
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Online Account Management – myMack
  • Mack Customer Loyalty Program
  • MIMO (Move-In/Move-Out) Services

MIMO Extras
For the Real Estate Professional
Help answering questions about:

  • Fuel Delivery/Supply
  • Comfort System Efficiency
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Home Energy Efficiency
  • Service/Maintenance