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Welcome to the Great Indoors

Home comfort is about more than just maintaining the right temperature. It’s also about maintaining the right humidity levels inside your home. Dry air can not only damage your home, it can also threaten your family’s health. Physicians often recommend humidity control to prevent the harmful effects of dry air caused by low humidity. If […]

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All Systems: Go!

Are you wondering if now is the right time to upgrade your heating system? If you’re wondering, then, yes, it’s the right time! The experts at Mack Services Group can help you make the smart choices that add up to cost savings, convenience and comfort. While your current heating system might be working at the […]

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Affordably Remedy Your Home’s Dry Indoor Air

With temperatures dropping as the autumn days go by, your home is becoming more and more like your sanctuary – the place you go to warm up after a cold evening’s commute home. It’s no wonder you like to keep it as cozy and clean as possible, with every corner and crevice well-insulated. But your home’s good insulation […]

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