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The Benefits of Oil Heat

SOil Heat is the CLEAR CHOICE! You want heat that is clean, comfortable, environmentally friendly, efficient, economical, dependable, safe and versatile.

Versatile Oil Heat Systems can heat with water, steam or warm air… and in combination, using water and warm air in the same hydro-air system. Oil Heat furnaces can provide both heating and cooling, and can be fitted with state-of-the-art air-cleaning equipment and humidifiers. Your tank can be located outdoors, above ground…outdoors, below ground…or indoors in your garage, basement, or utility room… whichever is best for your home. Oil Heat provides abundant hot water,¬†enough for even the largest family.

Oil Heat Technology provides comfort and efficiency by continuously monitoring burner operation, fuel supply and home temperatures.

With all the advantages Oil Heat offers, it’s no surprise that over 13 million homes and businesses…and over 30 million Americans…depend on oil-powered heat and hot water!

(Adapted from “Oilheat: The Clear Choice!”, published by National Oilheat Research Alliance)

Mack Energy Delivers Top Quality Home Heating Oil

Mack Energy offers Fuel Right Heating Oil Treatment for our customers. Here is some more information on what Fuel Right does for you:

What is Sludge?

home-heating-oilSludge is a dense, sticky substance that is formed naturally by bacteria in your fuel tank. It fouls filters, clogs strainers and nozzles, and causes pitting in tanks.

A fouled nozzle lends to poor combustion, often with excessive noise and vibration of the oil burner. There will also be sooting of the furnace, flues and chimneys and unnecessary air pollution.

Perhaps most important to you, is the corrosive nature of sludge. Pitting corrosion due to sludge contamination is the most common cause of tank leaks.

What Does Fuel Right Do?

Fuel Right breaks down sludge in your tank and passes it harmlessly through your system, where it is burned as fuel. It also cleans your filter, strainer, lines and nozzles.

If you have condensed moisture in your tank lines, Fuel Right treats it with antifreeze to prevent winter freeze-ups – and then slowly disperses the moisture harmlessly into the fuel.

Fuel Right keeps your oil heating system working the way it should!

Oil has always been the most economical fuel for heating your home or business. Fuel Right science helps assure that oil will continue to be your Best Heating Value.