Hit the Road, Mack!

There’s nothing like cruising down the road with the windows rolled down on a hot summer day, letting the rushing air cool you down while you’re listening to your favorite summer time tunes. Just as construction and accidents on the road can put a damper on your late-summer road trip, problems with the ductwork for your air conditioning system can leave you feeling bumper-to-bumper with the worst of the summer heat.

The same way that road closures can slow down traffic, a buildup of dirt, dust and debris drawn into the ductwork via the return can cause a “duct closure”. This blockage can leave you with little to no airflow, and the debris inside the ducts can cause further damage.

Much like traffic slowdowns from weaving in and out of traffic cones through a construction site, flexible ductwork can become kinked while navigating the sharp corners and tight spaces inside walls and ceilings, resulting in dropped air temperature and reduced airflow.

A detour can take what was supposed to be a half hour to an hour drive and make it take twice as long, forcing you to follow roads that take you out of the way before getting you to your destination. The “road” design of your system’s ductwork is often overlooked, but longer runs of ducts can result in air temperatures rising as they travel. These “detours” also leave a lot of surface area for dust and dirt buildup, disconnections and other damage.

At The Mack Services Group, we know all about the problems that can arise with ductwork installation, and we can fix them! To ensure the shortest and most efficient road trip for your air conditioning system, contact Mack today and find out how we can help.