Better Late than … Frozen


Yeah, we know … March is here and spring flowers will be blooming … tell it to the guest who’s overstaying his welcome, Old Man Winter! And it won’t warm your heart much to know that according to the Weather Channel’s website, the terms “wintry mix” and “snow showers” appear in the local forecast even though winter has “officially” ended. Unfortunately, spring snow isn’t any less “snowier” than winter snow.

But if you thought it was time to prepare your heating system for its summer slumber, you might want to hold off on the warm milk and bedtime story a little while longer. In fact, now is the perfect time to evaluate your system’s performance. If your system struggled through the cold season with frequent equipment failures, high fuel consumption, or just unreliable or inadequate heat, there’s still time for a late-season upgrade. And it’s not just for the remainder of this season; you’re going to need your system again next winter!

If you’re ready for that long-overdue upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. The professionals at Mack Services Group are the installation experts! And we’re proud to offer the best products from quality manufacturers like American Standard, Columbia Boiler, Thermo Pride, and others.

Columbia’s Casco Bay boiler offers consumers a way to fight back against rising fuel costs. This innovative boiler achieves its high efficiency by circulating the flue gases through the boiler three times – the longer the flue gases stay in your boiler, the higher the efficiency achieved. It offers you the most effective and efficient way to heat your home and your home’s hot water. Casco Bay boilers also offer the bonus of attractive cabinetry and contemporary lines. Their designer looks conceal the burner, piping and controls, making them as attractive as they are functional.

If you have a challenging installation, we can do that too! Thermo Pride’s Counterflow/Horizontal Oil Furnace can be mounted horizontally in areas where height restrictions are paramount, like in a basement, crawl space or attic.

Your positive experience starts here! From expert installation to the very best heating products on the market today, Mack Services Group has everything you need keep your family comfortable. Contact us today for money-saving warmth!